Farm Insurance

tractor on farmOwning a farm in Illinois comes with a lot of responsibility. You’ve got crops, equipment and sometimes animals to worry about. We want to help you with comprehensive insurance.

Your farm is important to you. Like your home, you have spent a lot of your time and effort building your Illinois farm and making it successful. You water the crops, feed the animals and make sure all the odds and ends are taken care of. Do you know if you have adequate farm insurance?

At The Jager Agency, A Division of Dimond Bros. Insurance our agents are your Illinois neighbors. We want your farm to succeed and we want you to be protected in the event of disaster. You can never be too sure of what Mother Nature will throw your way – floods, strong winds and freak weather can wreak havoc on your farm. Additionally, you have to worry about theft or even fires. You have a lot at stake if you experience losses to your farm. Luckily, with comprehensive farm insurance, you will be protected.

Our experienced agents can offer you personalized farm insurance that meets all of your unique needs in Illinois. While we understand that not every farm is the same, there are some typical provisions included in farm insurance, including:

  • Farm Liability Provisions: This provision provides coverage for job-related injuries sustained while working on the farm as well as protection for your property from any damage the farm sustains during working-time or covered natural disasters. This includes flood, fire and hurricanes.
  • Homestead Provisions: This coverage will protect your farm and all of its contents. If you experience any losses from damages such as theft or flooding, this provision has you covered.
  • Farm Property Provisions: This will provide coverage for damages for properties such as your livestock or crops. This type of coverage is beneficial to those who are especially prone to natural disasters.

There are many more provisions that can be covered by farm insurance. Let us get to know you and learn more about your Illinois farm so we can better provide your options. Give us a call today at 888.298.6006 or fill out the free online quote form on this page and we’ll get back to you.

We look forward to meeting you!