Auto Insurance

white car on the roadDid you know that Illinois has the highest number of personalized license plates in the United States? Isn’t it time you find an auto insurance policy that’s just as personal?

Imagine this: You’re cruising down Route 66 on a cool Saturday afternoon and you feel like nothing can ruin the moment… except for the guy behind you, who just so happened to rear-end you. Fortunately, Illinois law requires all motorists to carry some form of auto insurance. Unfortunately, not all insurance policies are created equal and the state required minimums are sometimes not enough.

When you’re involved in a car accident, no matter who is at fault, there are often property and personal damages involved. Without adequate auto insurance, this can be a costly expense for motorists. At The Jager Agency, A Division of Dimond Bros. Insurance our agents want our Illinois neighbors to have comprehensive protection from any situation thrown their way.

In Illinois there are certain rules and regulations that are slightly different than other states. We understand those differences and know how to handle your personal circumstances. Whether you need to obtain a comprehensive insurance policy for your personal vehicle or you want to know your options under SR-22 or non-standard auto insurance, we can provide auto insurance solutions for you.

Typically, auto insurance policies in Illinois will cover the following:

  • Liability coverage
  • Medical insurance
  • Comprehensive coverage – protection from damage caused by things other than a collision.
  • Collision coverage – coverage for the auto from loss during a collision with another vehicle.

At The Jager Agency, A Division of Dimond Bros. Insurance we deal with all of our Illinois neighbors with friendly service and provide quality policies no matter what your personal circumstances are. We are able and ready to make available options for all types of auto insurance policies, from standard, to SR-22 specific, to non-standard, and everything in between.

If you’re ready to talk with an insurance agent who will help you obtain an auto insurance policy that is just as personal as your license plate, then give us a call at 888.298.6006 today! Not sure if you have time for a phone call just yet? Fill out our free online quote form and we’ll get in touch with you. We look forward to meeting you!