Umbrella Insurance

couple looking over documentsSo many things can go wrong at any time, so why take the risk without the proper protection? Our agency knows that Illinois residents are susceptible to certain risks including those involving personal liability and we want to reach out and lend a hand. A personal liability problem can be a great emotional and financial strain on an individual or family. With umbrella insurance Illinois residents can get that extra cushion.

While certain home and auto insurance policies have liability coverage built in, umbrella insurance is a supplemental policy that adds to that protection if you or a family member is ever found liable for a certain incident that costs beyond the limits of your other policies. Your umbrella coverage will kick in and provide you assistance.

The notion that you could find yourself being held liable for a major incident is a hard one to fathom. However, this notion is one to be taken seriously. You never know just what can happen. For instance, if you’re deemed at fault for a multi-car accident involving multiple damages and injuries, umbrella insurance would protect you from any subsequent liability claims beyond what your auto insurance policy covers.

At The Jager Agency, A Division of Dimond Bros. Insurance we do not stop until the Illinois customers who walk through our doors get everything they need. In terms of umbrella insurance, no individual can ever have too much coverage and we recommend looking into this policy soon so you’re not left asking questions and wondering “Why?” when an unexpected liability issue comes up.

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